Long Hair Doodle Tips

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March 25, 2018

Long Hair Doodle Tips

At Club Pups Lake Norman and Club Pups Grooming, we get a lot of requests and questions about keeping Doodles hair on the longer side. Truthfully, it looks fantastic but can be a MAJOR commitment. This process requires almost daily brushing to keep mats from building. Occasionally, knots can get so bad they mat to the skin and have to be shaved out. If you’re thinking about growing your Doodles hair out for the colder months we recommend some of the following tools.

Safari De-Matting Dog Comb ($7.99)

This is a great tool to use on your dog if you notice the hair beginning to mat. Watch the tutorial video in the link on how to use this brush as the blades are sharp!

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush ($7.17)

This brush is more of a daily brush and comes in 3 different sizes. Depending on how curly or straight your dog’s hair is will determine how much you need to brush your dog.

Final thought and tip – The worst thing you can do for your dog if your goal is to grow their hair out is to give them a bath without immediately blow drying and brushing. This will need to be done until they are completely dry. Remember, WET HAIR MATS!

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